Setouchi Art & Nature: Exploring the Islands of Ogijima and Shodoshima

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Kagawa Setouchi Art Tourism Zone

Blessings of the Seto: Journeying the Sanuki A Heartfelt Welcome by the Seto, Art, and the People

The islands in the Seto Inland Sea, praised as the “Jewel of the World,” weave together with the water to create a beautiful and calming landscape. The Sanuki Plains stretch out gently before the Seto Inland Sea, with rounded riceball-shaped mountains popping up like small islands glimpsed between the waves, further heightening the serene appearance.
Experience the traditional arts developed in this environment and have been passed down through the ages, as well as high quality modern art, a more recent addition.
Enjoy with all five senses Setouchi’s picturesque scenery, culture, and cuisine, and exchanges with the people who live here. We welcome visitors seeking a journey exploring the “Seto, People, Art” of the region, to enjoy our hospitality and the leisurely passage of time.

Entry Program 09

Setouchi Art & Nature: Exploring the Islands of Ogijima and Shodoshima

The Setouchi Triennale International Art Festival, held every three years, has drawn attention both domestically and abroad to the islands in the Seto Inland Sea as hubs of modern art. On this trip, you will spend two days exploring the islands of Ogijima and Shodoshima, and not only appreciate the innovative world-class artwork, but also interact with the people of the gentle islands, and experience bountiful island living. Get a taste of local flavor at Komame Shokudo, located in the middle of the Senmaida terraced rice fields, in a building that was once a rice processing plant built around the 1930s. You can enjoy their signature lunch featuring rice balls made from rice grown locally in the terraced fields and cooked in the famous Yufune natural mineral water. Experience a sunset cruise aboard a chartered catamaran boat, close enough to the water’s surface that you can feel the sea spray. The “Setouchi Art & Nature: Exploring the Islands of Ogijima and Shodoshima” tour will let you experience Setouchi with all five senses, and refresh your body and spirit.


"Ogijima's Soul" by Jaume Plensa Photo: Osamu Nakamura

Activity contents 1

"Ogijima's Soul" by Jaume Plensa

This work is a giant gate-like structure in Ogi Port. The roof is made up of letters from a variety of languages, including Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and more, symbolizing the diversity of our world. During the day, the letters cast shadows upon the ground, and at night, the structure is lit from within, shining out into the night sky.


"Memory Bottle" by Mayumi Kuri Photo: Yasushi Ichikawa

Activity contents 2

"Memory Bottle" by Mayumi Kuri

This work is made of about one thousand bottles containing memorabilia collected from Ogijima islanders, items found by the artist on walks, photographs of collected items, and more.


"Walking Ark” by Keisuke Yamaguchi Photo: Kimito Takahashi

Activity contents 3

‘’Walking Ark” by Keisuke Yamaguchi

This sculpture, inspired by the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, is located on the waterfront. The white and blue of the four mountains of the sculpture blend in with the sea and sky, and its legs appear to be heading out to cross the sea.


Cruising on a Catamaran Boat

Activity contents 4

Sunset Cruise on a Catamaran Boat

View the sunset on a two hour cruise on the quiet waters of the Seto Inland Sea aboard a catamaran, a type of boat with a deck connecting two parallel hulls in order to reduce rocking. On the cruise, you can fully enjoy the sense of liberation and a break from everyday life.



Island Inn on Shodoshima

The small inn is tucked away in the “Hishio no Sato” (Soy Sauce Village) area of Shodoshima, where many there are many traditional soy sauce factories. There are seven individual rooms, each with their own unique qualities. The inn’s restaurant “Omoya” is located in a renovated old traditional house designated as a Cultural Property, giving one a sense of nostalgia.
Dinner is a “Soy Sauce Banquet” where you can enjoy the aromatic flavors of soy sauce with specially selected delicious Setouchi cuisine and freshly harvested vegetables. The pride of the restaurant are the homemade condiments made using moromi (unrefined soy sauce), and soy sauce specially brewed in cedar barrels.



Olive Park

Activity contents 5

Olive Park

Enjoy Shodoshima’s sea breezes while riding a rental bicycle from Kusakabe Port to Olive Park. Why not try to find a heart-shaped leaf among the branches while admiring the oldest olive tree in Japan? Borrow a witch’s broom to get your photo taken posing as Kiki from the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” in front of the Greek windmill.


Somen Noodle Dividing Experience

Activity contents 6

Somen Noodle Dividing Experience, Factory Tour

At Nakabu-An, which produces and sells somen noodles, listen to the explanation by a noodle maker, and use long chopsticks to divide somen noodles. You can also get a taste of truly fresh, undried somen that can only be eaten at Nakabu-An.


Onigiri Teishoku (Lunch Set with Rice Balls)


Onigiri Teishoku (Lunch Set with Rice Balls)

Komame Shokudo is a restaurant located in a refurbished rice-processing mill built around the 1930s, right in the center of the Senmaida terraced rice fields. Get a taste of the local delicacies in their signature dish, a lunch set with incomparably delicious rice balls made from rice locally grown in the terraced fields and cooked in the famous Yufune natural mineral water.

Meiro No Machi

Activity contents 7

Meiro No Machi

As protecting the area of Meiro No Machi from pirates , the islanders made this town. As it is made narrowed and complicated path, people started calling the acrea called Meiro No Machi- Maze Town.


Angel Road

Activity contents 8

Angel Road

If you cross the sandbar holding hands with someone you love, an angel may come swooping down and grant your wish. The sand pathway appears twice a day at low tide.

“Gift of The Sun” by Choi Jeong Hwa Photo: Yasushi Ichikawa

Activity contents 9

“Gift of The Sun” by Choi Jeong Hwa

This sculpture is in the form of an olive wreath, right at the entranceway to Shodoshima, also known as the “Olive Island.” One can view the seascape through the gleaming golden ring.


Day 1
Takamatsu Port 12:00PM –-- (Ferry) --- 12:40PM Ogijima Port --– Ogijima Walking Tour (“Ogijima’s Soul” “Memory Bottle” “Walking Ark” etc.) --– 4:30PM Ogijima Port (Sunset Cruise by Catamaran Boat) –-- 6:30PM Ikeda Port --- (Dinner) Soy Sauce Banquet (Accommodations) Island Inn on Shodoshima
※There is a possibility that the Sunset Cruise by Catamaran Boat may be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Day 2
Kusakabe Port 9:00AM --- (Rental Bicycle) --- 9:20AM Olive Park 10:10AM --- (Rental Bicycle) --- 11:00AM Nakabu-An 11:50AM --- (Rental Bicycle) --- 12:30PM Kusakabe Port --- 12:50PM (Lunch) Komame Shokudo 1:40PM --- 1:50PM Meiro No Machi ---2:20PM Angel Road 2:50PM--- 3:00PM Tonosho Port (“Gift of the Sun”) 3:10PM --- 3:45PM Takamatsu Port

Location where program starts and finishes / Takamatsu Port Ferry Dock
Means of transport / Ferry, High-Speed Boat, Catamaran Boat, Rental Bicycle, Taxi