Colors of the Past: Indigo Dying Experience

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Colors of the Past: Indigo Dying Experience

The yearly flooding of the Yoshinogawa is responsible for the richness of the soil that encouraged the production of indigo dye in the region. At the “Aizome Kobo” workshop, participants can experience this traditional craft in person and take away a souvenir unlike any other in the world.

Meet at the Aizome Kobo Workshop.
Mima City Tourist Exchange Center
(45-1 Wakimachi, Mima City, Tokushima Pref.)
Price: From ¥ 1,010~
Handkerchief (small) 1,010 yen
Handkerchief (medium) 1,220 yen
Handkerchief (large) 1,520 yen
Eco Bag 2,030 yen
Hand Towel 3,050 yen
Stoll 5,090 yen
String Bracelet 1,010 yen
Metal Badge 300 yen
Best Time of Year April to November
Ideal No. of People 1~8
Booking Deadline Up to the day of workshop
Age Limit
Mode of Transport JR
Cancellation Charge 7 minutes by car from JR Anabuki Station

Aizome Kobo Workshop

TEL 090-3188-3711