Senpukuji Temple・Experience Zen meditationand hand-copying sutras

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Senpukuji Temple・Experience Zen meditationand hand-copying sutras

Senpukuji Temple is a Zen temple located in Kunisaki, where many adherents to the Tendai school of Buddhism are found and was founded by the Zen monk Mujaku Myoyu. It is the head temple in Kyushu of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism.
Here, you can experience zazen (seated Zen meditation) and copying of sutras in a Zen Buddhism temple. After experiencing Zen practice, please take the opportunity to talk to the chief priest over a cup of tea.

Senpukuji Assembly → Explanation → Zazen → Copying of sutras→ Buddhist sermon → Finish
Best Time of Year All year-round
Ideal No. of People 2~20
Booking Deadline 5 days before the day
Age Limit
Mode of Transport By taxi from Kunisaki Bus Terminal
Cancellation Charge 40% of the selling price is charged for the cancellation until the day before,
50% until the departure time, 100% for not showing up without contact

Toyonokuni Millennium Heritage Tourism Zone Association

TEL 0977-85-8511