Walking along the Kunisaki Hantou Trail

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Walking along the Kunisaki Hantou Trail

This trail is a nature trail that traverses mountain paths, ancient roads and the like.
The monks of the Rokugo Manzan temples have long used these mountain trails around the Kunisaki Peninsula.
These trails have been reconstructed and serve as the foundation for the Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail.
With a total length of about 135 kilometers,the trail runs from Bungotakada City's Kumano Magaibutsu to the Futago-ji temple of Kunisaki City.

Differs according to the course.(10 courses in total)
Japanese guide from 20,000 yen,
English guide from 35,000 yen
Best Time of Year Spring / Fall
Ideal No. of People 1~25
Booking Deadline 10 days before the day
Age Limit
Mode of Transport By taxi to each starting point
Cancellation Charge 40% of the selling price is charged for the cancellation until the day before,
50% until the departure time, 100% for not showing up without contact

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