The Island Where Deities Dance

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The Island Where Deities Dance

To pray for an abundant crop, peace, and prosperity in the household, a traditional dance known as "Onidaiko" (deity drum dance) is performed on Sado Island. This tradition lasts to this day. This tour gives visitors the opportunity to experience the unique festivities.

[Day 1]
17:00 Assembly at Tateno`s community center / festival preparations > Onidaiko Experience > Accommodation
[Day 2]
8:45 Departure from the accommodation > Festival Tour > ends ca. 15:00
Price: From ¥18,000~
activities, accommodation, 1st day`s dinner, 2nd day`s meals, insurance etc.
Tour Season Every year in April
Participant Capacity from 2 persons up
Booking Deadline until 10 days prior
Age Limit
Mode of Transport JR, bus
Cancellation Charge until 10 days prior 20%
until 4 days prior = 30%
until 1 day prior = 40%
on the very day = 50%
no contact no attendance = 100%

Sado Tourism Association

TEL 0259-27-5000