A Journey to the Land of Sea and Wind

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A Journey to the Land of Sea and Wind

A charming coastal city with a unique history serves as a gateway to a hidden island with scenic beaches and rustic.


Day 1

The Charming Downtown of Sasebo

JR Hakata Station/ JR Sasebo Station City Hotel (luggage storage) > Sasebo Tourist Information Center >Sasebo  Downtown Walking Tour> Miura cho Catholic Church > Tunnel Yokocho Walk (a local market inside a former wartime shelter) > Sasebo Yonkacho Shopping Arcade Walk > Seasonal Sweets and Sechibaru Tea at a Shogetsudo >Sasebo top Factory > Sasebo Tourist Information Center > Hotel Check-In > Dinner in Sasebo city Port town gourmet etc. > Grab a drink at a bar popular with locals to get a taste of Sasebo's nightlife scene.

Day 2

The Distinctive Japanese Landscape and Architecture of Ojika Island

Hotel Check-Out > taxi (via observatory) > Sasebo Port > high-speed boat > Ojika Island Tourism Office (ferry terminal) >Kominka Check-In > Madara Island & Sunset Tour > Dinner at Kominka Restaurant Fujimatsu > Overnight Stay at Kominka

Day 3

Island Adventures & Authentic Countryside Living

Local ferry to Nozaki Island > Trekking tour around the island > local ferry back to Ojika Island > Lunch at a sushi restaurant > Meet your host family > Catch fish for dinner > Heat up makiburo (fire-heated bath) > Help with dinner preparations > Dinner with the host family

Day 4

Two types of optional tours, Mikawachi ware or Kujukushima tours.

Ojika Island Ferry Terminal >High speed bort >Sasebo Port > Sasebo Station >JR > Hakata Station > Airplane > Haneda airport

Tour A (approx 3 hours):Sasebo station> Funakoshi Observatory and Kujukushima View > Fresh Oysters for Lunch at Marumo Fisheries > Aquarium > KujukuShima Pearl Sea resort and Islands Cruising

Tour B (approx 3 hours):Sasebo station> Mikawachi Porcelain Hall (Museum) > Mikawachi Town Walking Tour > Pottery Workshop > Lunch at Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch (the restaurant uses Mikawachi tableware)

Explore the retro shopping district, tasting seasonal sweets and making traditional crafts as you get “hands-on” with the lives and culture of Sasebo’s downtown.

Slip back in time and discover the traditional charm of old Japan. Ojika Island is a treasure trove of traditional architecture, idyllic landscapes, sustainable lifestyle, and Japanese hospitality.

Sasebo Convention and Visitors

21-1 Miura-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki
TEL 0956-23-3369
E-mail sasebo208@rapid.ocn.ne.jp
URL https://www.sasebo99.com