Kominka Stay: Preserving Cultural Heritage

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Kominka Stay: Preserving Cultural Heritage

For those who wish to slip back in time and discover the traditional charm of Japan, Ojika Island’s folk house rental is truly a wish come true. Stay in one of the century-old kominka (traditional Japanese house) soaking in the nostalgic atmosphere of times gone by while still having all the modern conveniences at your disposal.

13:45 Ojika Island Ferry Terminal - Ojika Island Tourism Counter (reception) - 14:00 Kominka Check-In (pick-up service provided) - Free Time at Kominka - 17:00 Sunset Tour - 18:00 Dinner at Kominka Restaurant Fujimatsu - Overnight Stay at Kominka
Price ¥14,000
Accommodation only
Best Time of Year All year round
Ideal No. of People 1~6
Booking Deadline at least 2 weeks before departure
Age Limit
Mode of Transport Pick-up service povided
Cancellation Charge 20+ days before departure 20% , 7 days before departure 30% , 1 day before departure 40% , Day of departure 50% , No show 100%

Ojika Island Tourism

TEL 0959-56-2646
E-mail yoyaku@ojikajima.jp