Castle Town Stroll

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Castle Town Stroll

Step back in time to the Edo period in the castle town of Kitsuki City. Here, you can wear a kimono to match the medeival feeling of the streets that weave through former samurai mansions and merchants' districts.

Dress into kimono at Warakuan(10:00~)→Stroll the castle town at your leisure (free of charge to enter samurai mansions and Kitsuki Castle) Have a break at a café of your preference using the café coupon (1 drink and a sweet; the menu depents on each cafe) →Change at Warakuan(~16:00)→Breakup
Best Time of Year All year-round
Ideal No. of People 1~4
Booking Deadline 7 days before the day
Age Limit
Mode of Transport By local bus from JR Kitsuki Station
Cancellation Charge 40% of the selling price is charged for the cancellation until the day before,
50% until the departure time, 100% for not showing up without contact

Toyonokuni Millennium Heritage Tourism Zone Association

TEL 0977-85-8511