Brompton Bicycle Pottering – Iya Valley Course

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Brompton Bicycle Pottering – Iya Valley Course

Brompton bikes are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. These bikes are used to easily explore the streets of the many small town hidden in the Iya Valley as well as go along roads that showcase the stunning nature of the area.

<6-hour course> 9:00 JR Oboke Station>Okuiya Kazurabashi Vine Bridge> Sky Village Kakashi no Sato>Ochiai Village Observatory>Iya Valley (Hinoji Valley) or Oboke Sightseeing Tour Boat> Lunch>15:00 Oboke>Drop-off at desired end point
Price: From ¥9,000~
Best Time of Year ALL season
Ideal No. of People 6~
Booking Deadline at least the day prior
Age Limit
Mode of Transport JR Awa-Ikeda Station
Cancellation Charge Day before 40%, day of 50%, no contact 100%

AWA-RE Co., Ltd.

TEL 0883-53-7055