Sea in the Sky : Nature Like No Other

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Sea in the Sky : Nature Like No Other

Beneath the fiercely azure sky that has earned the moniker “Yatsugatake Blue,” is a land of rich nature, rustic vineyards, and mountain top views that see the land and sky disappear into each other.

Yatsugatake, Where Sky and Land Meet


Day 1
Karuizawa Yatsugatake Tokyo Station <JR Karuizawa Station <Shuttle Bus / Taxi> Harunire Terrace (European cuisine that goes well with freshly baked bread and wine at "Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura") Forest of Muse ("Museum for Picture Books" Through Western classics and masterpiece picture books, etc. Museum that traces the history of picture books) Karuizawa Station Sakudaira Station <JR Koumi Line / HIGH RAIL 1375 Ride> Nobeyama Station Resort Hotel Yatsugatake Grace Hotel (night) with Hoshi Sommelier

All rooms have a view of Yatsugatake. At night the sky emerges full of stars and a nightly "star sommelier" can guide you through the night sky.

Day 2
Kiyosato Hokuto Hotel > Sun Meadows Kiyosato <Aerial walk for about 10 minutes on the lift> Kiyosato Terrace on the mountaintop is a special seat at an altitude of 1900m. Special coffee and view of Mt. Fuji and Yatsugatake >Yamanashi Prefectural Makiba Park >Walking in the ranch for about 2 hours (down) while watching sheep and cows> Makiba Restaurant (Locally famous “jumbo” burger lunch) Seisen-ryo (Overlooking Mt. Fuji, an accommodation facility with an 80-year history surrounded by forests and ranches on the Kiyosato Plateau, please enjoy the Seisen-ryo soft serve ice cream!)> HOTEL KEYFOREST HOKUTO (night)

At the lodging there is a large display of vintage single malt whiskeys collected from all over the world, including Japanese ones. View Mt. Fuji from the roof while relaxing with top shelf liquor. The hotel's Nakamura Keith Herring Museum can be viewed free of charge by hotel guests. Dinner is a course meal exclusively for hotel guests at "Country Restaurant Keyspring" located about a 2-minute walk from the hotel

Day 3
Hokuto [Premium Sea of ​​Clouds Gondola for a limited time] Operates every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from late September to mid-November Departs from Hotel at 4:45 Fujimi Panorama Resort

Hotel <Taxi> Charmant Wine (You are able to visit the underground cellar to taste the local wine. Enjoy a lunch at the old folk house restaurant, Dai Min, which is attached to the sake brewery “Shichiken" in Daigaharajuku)> kinseiken(Famous confectionery Shingen mochi ) >Kobuchizawa Station <JR> Tokyo Station

Course Highlights

Yatsugatake Plateau
The stars above the plateau are unlike anywhere else in Japan. The plateau combined with the clear northern air makes the perfect stage to take in this cosmic symphony.

Kiyosoto Terrace, 1,900 Meters in the Sky
Located on the highest point of the plateau, this area is the perfect platform to enjoy a sweeping view of the area and the intense coloration of the sky that has been dubbed “Yatsugatake Blue.”

Rustic Nature to Explore
Rolling green fields and a backdrop of distant mountains create the perfect atmosphere to slip into the slow paced and relax mindset of rustic Japan.

Wine from the Foothills of Mt. Kaikoma
The wine comes from vineyards that have enjoyed the rich soil at the foothills of the mountains here as well as a steady stream of clear water trickling down from the icy peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges.

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