YASA Homestay: Sustainable Island Living

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YASA Homestay: Sustainable Island Living

Peek behind the tourism scene, diving deeper into a local culture not as a tourist, but as a member of a local family. You will be staying in a century-old traditional Japanese house, helping its owners with their daily chores, which will include catching fish for dinner and preparing the fire-heated makiburo bath. The delicious food might fill up your stomach, but the laughter shared with your host family will fill up your heart, and soon enough it will feel like you’ve found your second home.

14:00 YASA Check-In (pick-up service provided) - 16:00 Fishing with Your Host Family - 17:00 Preparing Makiburo Bath - 18:00 Dinner - Overnight Stay at YASA
Price: From ¥7,000~¥10,000
1night with 2 meals:10,000yen
1night without meals:7,000yen
Best Time of Year All year round
Ideal No. of People 1~3
Booking Deadline at least 3 days in advance
Age Limit
Mode of Transport Pick-up service povided
Cancellation Charge 3 days before departure no fee , 3-1 days before departure 50% , ​Day of departure 100%

Ojika Island Tourism

TEL 0959-56-2646
E-mail yoyaku@ojikajima.jp