From Olives to Eel, The Cuisine of Shodoshima

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From Olives to Eel, The Cuisine of Shodoshima

Take a day to experience Japanese cuisine and rural landscapes through the rich cuisine of Shodoshima Island, home to Yubune no Mizu Spring, one of Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters, and the Nakayama Senmaida (Terraced Rice Fields), one of Japan's 100 Terraced Rice Fields.

①8:30-9:45 Gather at Tonosho Port, move by bus and walk to Yamaroku Soy Sauce
②9:45-10:45 Tour of Yamaroku Soy Sauce factory
③11:00-12:00 Tour of Nakabu-an somen noodle factory and make somen noodles,move by taxi
④12:30-13:30 Enjoy Yubune no Mizu spring and Nakayama Senmaida(Terraced Rice Fields) in the Nakayama area
⑤13:30-14:30 Lunch at the restaurant Komame Shokudo
⑥15:00 End at Tonosho Port
Price: From ¥13,915~
・taxi・lunch・somen noodle making and sample
Best Time of Year All year round
Ideal No. of People 2~
Booking Deadline
Age Limit
Mode of Transport Public bus, on foot, taxi
Cancellation Charge 8–20 days before departure: 20%
2–7 days before departure: 30%
1 day before departure: 40%
Tour departure day: 50%
No show: 100%


TEL 0879-62-1203